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Color Banded Restaurant China
for Your Kitchen!

Restaurant Grade - Dishwasher Safe -
Microwave Safe - Freezer to Oven Safe



Infuse Color into your Chinaware!

We take our restaurant grade, bright white, wide rim dinnerware, and we hand apply a color band around the edge, and then high fire it for superb durability. All color is lead free and completely food safe. Color choices include Blue, Steel Grey, Hunter Green, Maroon, and Black.

For new kitchen design or redesign, adding a splash of color to your dinnerware can pull together your theme in a special way. Envision our porcelain white plate lined in black resting on a shining granite counter top, or gray lined dinnerware against your stainless steel appliances. Just an added bit of color can complete your theme in a dramatic way! If you need something we don't have here, please call and let us put our design/art team to working in meeting your special need!

Sorry, but we can't mix up the colors on one order. (One color per order)

Colors:   Blue Steel Gray Hunter Green Maroon Black
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Ramekin F(1).jpg (15791 bytes) Ramekins --- Great for individual ketchup, barbeque sauce, sour cream, cocktail sauce, gobs of butter, salsa, salad dressing…double dipping is okay when you have your own! Oh yes, when you use a ramekin, you keep the “store-bought” bottles off the tabletop… much neater, cleaner appearance! Large 5 oz. size measures 3 3/8" in diameter and 1 5/8" high.  With Color Band, Only $2.85 each

Pasta Bowls --- 12” large rim-to-rim size for perfect pasta dishes of all kinds. Also great for large dinner salads and is even big enough to double as a family style serving dish. This is a must have!  With Color Band $12.01 each

Chop Plate --- Oversized dinner plate popular at many restaurants. Edge to edge it measures just under 12”. The well, or food area, is about 8 ½” which is almost 2” large than a standard dinner plate. If you’re serving a giant baked potato and a 14 oz NY Strip, this is the plate! Buy With Color Band $11.27 each
Dishwasher Safe
Freezer to Oven
Microwave safe

Dishwasher Safe
Freezer to Oven
Microwave safe

Dinner Plate.jpg (17491 bytes) Dinner Plate ---  Used at 99% of all restaurants! 10 ½” size has a food area of about 6 ¾”.  Wide rim, rolled edge shape that’s a classic. If you're tired of serving Thanksgiving dinner on mismatched dinnerware, then order a case or two of these and you can't go wrong. Just $6.85 each, including color Band
9 Plate.jpg (16683 bytes) 9” Plate --- Smaller version of above, suitable for smaller portion needs of children, great aunt Alice, or as a luncheon plate. $4.48 each including the Color Band
7 Plate.jpg (16040 bytes)

7 ½” Plate ---- Many restaurants use this size for small dinner salads, desserts, bread/butter plate, or as a side dish to share a large appetizer. You want to buy a few extra of these because they can be used for so many things! A bargain at $3.31 each with Color Band

6 Plate.jpg (15698 bytes) 6 1/4” Plate ---- This is a traditional bread/butter plate. It’s your choice whether you use the 7 ½” or 6 1/4”. This editor opts for the slight larger 7 ½” above. Priced at $3.22 each with Color Band
Bouillon Cup --- Another true classic! 7 ½” oz. measures 4” across. Great for a cup of soup, a scoop of ice cream, pudding…. Again, multi-use! $3.14 each with Color Band
Dishwasher Safe
Freezer to Oven
Microwave safe

Dishwasher Safe
Freezer to Oven
Microwave safe

Alaska Nappie Nappie --- Why do they call it a nappie? We don’t know, but it’s a traditional cereal bowl style measuring 5 ¾” across and holds about 15 oz. Also for veggies or whatever you like! $4.64 each with Color Band
Grapefruit --- Neat little dish that holds about 10 oz. Measures 6 3/4" across. Makes a nice ice cream dish, small salad... for a variety of uses in addition to... grapefruits!  $3.75 each
Fruit Dish --- 4 3/4" Diameter and holds 4 oz. Perfect size for a small side dish or dessert. Just $2.39 each with Color Band
9” Rim Soup --- Standard large soup used by darn near every restaurant. Also make a great salad dish, apple dumpling bowl, cereal, baked ziti, kids pasta… get the drift? This is one of the basics you simply must have. Only $4.81 each with Color Band
16” Oval Platter --- Here’s the roast, turkey, or rack of ribs plate. Measures 16” by 11 ¼” with a rim size of 2”. Every household needs at least one. You don’t use them often but when you need it… you need it!  (We have larger platters too) Compare at $27.87 each with Color Band
Demitasse & Saucer.jpg (13726 bytes) Espresso Cup/Saucer --- Matching after dinner cups with saucers. This is the pinnacle of class. 3 ½” oz size for espresso or other “short” AD drinks. Even though you'll feel like a million, these babies will only set you back $4.88 a set (cup/saucer) with Color Band

Tall Cup --- 7 1/2" oz size. Pretty standard stuff. Clean, straight lines extenuate this classic shape. Just $3.27 with Color Band
CLE-057 Saucer.jpg (2379 bytes) Saucer for Above Cup --- also fits the bouillon nicely. Just $2.70 each with Color Band
Brea Mug --- 8 ½”oz mug. Recent trends seem to indicate that mugs are replacing coffee cup/saucer combinations. Your choice! Just $3.43 each with color Band
Salad / Family Serving Style Bowl --- really big 70 oz capacity measuring 9 1/2" across and 3 1/2" high. A wonderful accessory to complete your service. $15.88 each with Color Band
Dishwasher Safe
Freezer to Oven
Microwave safe

All Ware produced in China and banded in the USA
to Exacting USA commercial
dinnerware standards.

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