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Growing up in New Castle, PA... nearly every family ate their daily meals on restaurant chinaware manufactured by Shenango China. Aunt Ethel might have done a "midnight requisition"aka "five finger discount" or maybe grandma actually bought them at the factory outlet... we're not quite sure and dare not ask... the china was always big & clunky and always beautifully decorated. In this editor's homestead, that dinnerware has been on the same shelf for more than 40 years! Little did we know then that this china would be future "classics."

Our "Retro Diner" chinaware evokes those same feelings of days gone by, when life was a bit slower and somehow felt more secure.
You can create those feelings once again with Retro Diner Ware, creamy ivory body with 3 green bands. This is the real stuff, vitrified restaurant ware, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and "freezer to oven" safe. You'll love it!

TGB-016 PLATE 10.5IN GREEN BAY web.jpg (11561 bytes)

10 1/2" Dinner Plate -- a meat & potatoes standard size item. Stack 'em high in your cupboard! Your friends will be "green" with envy when they see your slick new chinaware! Wow, only $6.28!


TGB-008 PLATE 9IN GREEN BAY web.jpg (10260 bytes)

9" Plate - Kid or lunch sized. I use these to refrigerate leftovers! (The heck with Tupperware!)  Worth every penny at $4.22


TGB-007 PLATE 7.125IN GREEN BAY web.jpg (10260 bytes)

7 1/8" Plate -  If you or your kids eat bagels for breakfast, this is the plate you need. Also great for desserts, small salad, or a nice size bread & butter plate. Tough to pass up at $2.49


TGB-031 PLATE 6.25IN GREEN BAY web.jpg (11561 bytes)

6 1/4" Plate -   Traditional bread/butter plate. We could go on and on about the virtues of this tidy little plate but let's just say that it was two time winner of "cutest plate" in the shop... green lined dinnerware category.  How could it be only $1.99?


TGB-014 OVAL PLATTER 12.625IN GREEN BAY web.jpg (11139 bytes)

12 5/8" Oval Platter -   I know it's big, but you need at least one in your cupboard... trust me. Just $11.48


Dishwasher Safe
Freezer to Oven
Microwave Safe

Dishwasher Safe
Freezer to Oven
Microwave Safe

TGB-003 RIM SOUP 12OZ 8.75IN GREEN BAY web.jpg (8737 bytes)

8 3/4" Rim Soup - makes a great salad bowl, pasta bowl, maypo ("maypo? Where's that come from? Do they still sell maypo?)  You get the drift... very functional shape. Holds about 12 oz. Insanely cheap at $4.22


TGB-018 NAPPIE 15OZ 5.875IN GREEN BAY web.jpg (9373 bytes)

15 oz Nappie -- Junior will fill this sucker full of coa-coa crunchies and milk! Yes, the perfect size cereal bowl, soup bowl... has so many uses it's hard to image a household without them! It's a good idea to load up on these.  Low price of $3.61


TGB-004 BOUILLON 7.25OZ 4IN GREEN BAY web.jpg (9859 bytes)

7 1/4" oz Bouillon -   It's the "And I'll have a cup of soup" bowl. Nice and neatly fits on the saucer below. Can't beat it at $2.49


TGB-010 GRAPEFRUIT 13OZ 6.625IN GREEN BAY web.jpg (9133 bytes)

13 oz Grapefruit -- No you don't have to actually eat grapefruits out of this bowl... but you can... if you want to....   Almost free at $2.85


TGB-011 FRUIT DISH 4OZ 4.75IN GREEN BAY web.jpg (8874 bytes)

4 oz Fruit Dish --- "Eat your fruit it's good for you" If I didn't hear that a zillions times growing up.. I didn't hear it once! You too can become your parents by passing along this traditional mealtime phrase when you serve your family fruit cocktail twice a day for the next 5 years... (I feel better now) anyway, this is the dish for it...  A bargain at $1.88


TGB-002 TALL CUP 6IN GREEN BAY web.jpg (3626 bytes)

7 oz Tall Cup -  Flea market finds won't look near as pretty as this classic style. And the best part is you won't have to bicker about the price! We're already cheaper and better than anyone! A Measily $2.49


7 oz Round CupStill another cute shape... if you're a coffee lover, that is...
Only $2.49


TGB-002 SAUCER 6IN GREEN BAY web.jpg (11576 bytes)

6" Saucer... yeah, so it's standard!.... we can't make every piece exciting ya know! But it works...  Only $1.68


TGB-038 CANTON MUG 9OZ 3.375IN GREEN BAY web.jpg (9544 bytes)

"Hey Flo, can I get some more java here?" You can drink your own java and save Flo's tip with this classic 9 oz mug. (great for pounding nails too! But don't try this at home... we're professionals)  Just $3.19


All Ware produced
in China to Exacting
USA commercial
dinnerware standards.

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